Specialty Jobs

There are many jobs around the home that need a combination of skills to complete efficiently and effectively. For instance, mounting a flat screen TV on a wall might need skills in carpentry, drywall, wire fishing and electrical to get the job done right. Other specialty jobs might be a service that you could complete yourself but its not something needed often and it doesn’t make sense for you to invest in the equipment, like power washing. 

For all of your specialty job needs, call the team here at Handyman Home Pros Total Home Care. We are ready to help you get the job done today!

Power Washing

Power Washing is a great and relatively inexpensive way to add exterior appeal to your home. With a sparkling clean front entry, a spotless patio and a looking-new driveway, sidewalk and curb, your home will stand out to all your guests.

Handyman Home Pros Total Home Care can make this happen in less time than you think. Give us a call today and get your exterior power washing scheduled.

Hang Flat Screen TVs

With the advent of flat screen televisions, homeowners now have a myriad of choices on how to best position their flat screen for optimal effect. Whether it’s a 50” screen mounted above the fireplace mantel or a 70″ screen mounted in media room style, the options are limitless.

Handyman Home Pros Total Home Care can make your vision a reality with a professional and secure flat screen mount that you can trust. Contact us today and let us help you create the visual media impact you deserve.

Hang Pictures and Mirrors

We all enjoy having our homes decorated with beautiful pictures and mirrors on our walls but making that happen is harder than a person might imagine. With Handyman Home Pros Total Home Care, you will get professional installation of your most valuable pictures and mirrors so that you are able to fully enjoy your living space. Let us help you!

Install Window Blinds and Coverings

One of the toughest jobs for any homeowner is getting window blinds, drapes and coverings hung safely and securely to highlight their view and decor without a headache (or extra holes in the wall).  Let Handyman Home Pros take care of it for you.

Change Batteries in Smoke Detectors

We’ve all been there – ready to lie down for a good night’s sleep when we hear one of our detectors start beeping because it needs a fresh battery. You’re tired and ready for bed so you grab the ladder, find the last 9 volt battery and get it done. What happens just a few nights later? One of the others is starting to beep!

With Handyman Home Pros Total Home Care, you can schedule annual service to have all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors tested and serviced with new batteries. You can also schedule to have regular maintenance tasks like this one and others, like changing air conditioner filters, taken care of on a regular basis so you know your home is being maintained, without any of those annoying late-night surprises.

Contact Handyman Home Pros Total Home Care today to get your maintenance items scheduled.