These are examples of work by Technicians on the Handyman Home Pros Total Home Care team. We look forward to adding the before and after photos from the projects we do for you.

This homeowner asked us to cover a paint job done by the people leasing this lovely home. One call and two days later, the dining room was once again returned to its original paint scheme. Goodbye to the green and purple.

This customer’s kitchen suffered significant ceiling damage from the February, 2021 winter freeze. Our handyman technician made it disappear with new sheetrock, tape, float, texture and paint!

This commercial property deck needed a power wash, full sanding and fresh stain. The result is a great looking deck with years of serviceability for the owners.

We gave this customer’s home an updated guest bath a new Formica countertop and fresh paint to brighten the cabinets.

This 1940s home got a nice update to the front landing and porch with new steps and railing system. Throw in a fresh paint job on the front of the home and its curb appeal improved nicely.

We gave this customer a fresh new look to her outdated stained wood kitchen cabinets. She loves the new look!

This home’s backyard covered patio needs a facelift. A couple days later, the new siding was installed and painted for this great look.

These homeowners gave their children the treat of picking shapes and colors for our team to design and execute these custom bedroom paint jobs.  An amazing result!

This customer needed a solution to the vine that were taking over one side of their home. We cut back all of the vines, power washed and sanding the siding to remove the vine roots, then added a fresh coat of paint. Now it looks great again!

New flooring for the camp house.

Turning a child’s pink bedroom into a bedroom for a guest.

Turning a child’s blue bedroom into a great bedroom for an antique steel-framed bed.

Although this deck was only 2 years old, the original DIY stain was of poor quality and quickly began to darken. Members of the Handyman Home Pros Total Home Care team returned the deck to its original luster with a full sanding and re-staining.

For this fence, the HHP Team used a pecan colored stain and sealer. This fence will now last the home owner much longer.

This home sits on a 1/2 acre lot and needed more personality in the large back yard. Now the yard includes a nice garden and sitting area with a fire pit for family gatherings.


A nice bathroom renovation for their Texas camp house

A new homeowner had our team repaint this bedroom.  They were very pleased with the result.