As homeowners, we all know that our homes need care and attention. There are the little things like dripping faucets, peeling paint, driveways that need power washing, and the list goes on…

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming and the weekends just don’t provide enough time to keep up. With some tasks, a homeowner just doesn’t have the expertise to safely complete a project.

Whatever your home repair, maintenance or improvement needs, our team of Certified Professional Handyman Technicians is ready to help.

Give us a call and let us review your project list and see how we can help. We would be glad to schedule an in-person site assessment to help better understand your needs.

Our team of bonded and insured Handyman Technicians is standing by to help!

We are approved and active members of the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals. Our company is also members of the local, state and national home builders associations. For more information about Handyman Home Pros Total Home Care, click below.