Make Ready Services

Getting a home ready to re-let is one of a property manager/owner’s most important tasks. Every day that a space sits empty, valuable opportunity is lost. For many multi-unit property managers, they might have employees on staff to handle normal volumes of turns, but sometimes the turns come in waves and can overwhelm them.

Handyman Home Pros Total Home Care stands ready to assist with all your make ready needs. Whether we are the front line for your team or serve as a backstop for when your team is overwhelmed, the Handyman Home Pros teams is just one quick call away. Contact us today and see how we can be a resource for your make-ready needs.

Pre-Sale Repairs

Getting a home ready to sell is only part of the process. Getting a home ready to sell at the price you need it to sell at is the ultimate goal. With the team at Handyman Home Pros, you can get your pre-sale repairs and touchups taken care of by professionals.

Whether it is drywall repairs, touching up paint, or repairing items to pass inspection, our team can get your home ready for potential buyers and open houses.

Call us today and let our team get your home ready for the market.

Punch List Repairs

Whether buying a home, selling a home or getting a rental home or apartment ready for the next tenant, there always seems to be a list of needed repairs and maintenance. The team at Handyman Home Pros Total Home Care is ready to assist you.

Our team of professionals has years of make-ready experience including painting, maintenance, installation and repairs to get the property ready for the next family to move in.

Call us today and have our team of professionals get the job done!


Home painting is important in the Make-Ready process for many reasons including giving the home, apartment or commercial property a “new” feel that adds value.

Whether it’s changing the color of a room to be more aesthetically pleasing or giving a fresh look to take the place of the nicks and scrapes that are there now, our team of experienced make-ready professionals can get the job done and done right. 

With an in-person site assessment, our team can meet with you and discuss options from wear and tear touch-up, repainting of a single room or the larger project of a full interior repaint. 

Connect with us today and let’s discuss how you can add value to your home, apartment or commercial property with our professional painting services.